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Thinking at the level of the cell

A variety of different medical treatments are available that include supportive measures based on Western medicine; promotion of blood circulation using acupressure points and meridians based on Eastern medicine; and energy therapy using electricity or other elements from folklore remedies—each treatment has its own perspectives and historical data.


We focus on cells.(Saibow in Japanese)


The healthiest and youngest state of humans is children’s cells, where we will now direct our attention. As opposed to adults’ cells, children’s cell walls do not coalesce with each other. Therefore, the cells can breathe without disturbances from the clots caused by the coalescence, which allows the blood, lymph, and nerve impulses to flow into the distal parts of the body. The focus of diseases tends to be from cells oxidized by inefficient waste excretion and nutrient absorption. Our treatment goals are to prevent, maintain, or improve the cells with our techniques in order to break up such coalescences.


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CLASSY magazine features saibow massage. 28 Jan, 2015

Saibow massage

First of allI had been troubled by pimple, cold body type, menstrual pain, easy to have fatiguegenerally.Then I have tried many therapies such as Chinese,Esthetics,Spa,Western medical, Sport training and Food therapyetc.Unfortunately I couldn't get a enough results after all.But I started really interesting in looking for good way.Therefore I had researched many way as much as possible.Finally, I had discovered one interesting thing. It is a difference of child cell and adult cell. There are many therapies in the world.Generally their therapy focus on internal organs,circulation,muscle,lymph,skeleton,ingredient which functions have any trouble or on track.I focus on more minimum unit that is cell. Beside I think what is cause of sick and aging. Of couse our life is limited, but we have chance to prevent and seeking the improvement of our healthy life.I observed cell condition, I discoverd difference of between perfect cell(young cell)and trouble cell(old cell).Keypoint is cell adhesion which is most bad influence about source of sick.Old cell adhere to each other that makes pressure blood and lymph vessel,oxidation, fibertic tissue and metabolic late down. Please give the example of general way which are known by people sports, food, massage etc.What about these results?Japanese have world record for long life. But we can't rest on our laurels. Our elderly people lived with natural food without special treatment who are difference conditions than younger life stylesI interpret the trend of life expectancy and quality of health that will be getting worse and worse. I had discovered a causal relationship between any hygiene way how to get rid of unwell circulation.For example, spa which makse a body warm, sports makes muscle(mussel) metabolic up ,foods affect component .All of that will supply,burn and excrete metabolic waste.Do you think that will achieve how level of best conditions? I felt there couldn't get produce the outcome I wanted. Because (Reason why )there are temporary,do not work the prime cause.I thought best solution which cell adhesion influence to vessel of blood and lymph,that peel and release problem point.Beside this can't help to supply by food,making warm and have change basically.Usually massage can't peel cell adhesion also,that will short to get well. Valuable experience you never heard which get and keep healthy thing without diet and exercise.Our therapy make change and improvement of one's constitution on basically.In general, exercise burns fat but if have cell adhesion make stop circulation and discharged waste lacticacid gather that oxidize cell.Next diet which is popular but relapse and couldn't burn old fat (cellulite). Also sometimes happen that can't keep steady of blood sugar level.Saibow therapy approach to easy burn fat including cellulite, discharge old waste of deep muscle(mussel) cell level thatmake change body temperature and sweat easily(speed up metabolic rate)Of couse it need to have usual healthy food without supplement and medicine.My customer, who is 69years old,158cm tall, weight of 82kg、westsize108cm、obesity type. Also cholesterol was above a limit. After she got therapy 66 times,she lost 32kg of her wight、without exercise and diet. She never loose weight ever had tried any way. And her family are same body type. She was difficult type to lose weight . Now she is 76years old still keeping weight without exercise, diet also Saibow therapy.She said she can feel warm body and hungry enough. She can control by unconsciously which natural healthy nerves system controls in best way. Typical problem of skin Pimple, Blotchy, Atopy, Wrinkle etc.Our results will opened your eyes. Because I have success to find the best way for face approach nobody can believe.I approach same as body approach to face because it seems a same as source of skin problem reason why cell adhesion too. After thought,all problem had disappeared and was amazed by many customers.We should have to know mechanism of skin metabolic functions it have to focus cell adhesion ,waste and do not forget connecting the internal organs, blood gushed from heart through neck area having especially weight G(easier(easter) to stop circulation because many heavy cell adhesion)I am understanding about source of sick cell adhesion which mechanism like 3D(three dimensional)difference of another therapy like pressure point or line technique. We have to approach whole cell adhesion to be peel. Especially a weak area have a stress because G whole tender tissue(skin, muscle(mussel), internal organs, blood or lymph vessel)without skeleton.Case 1, Old skin, 83years old woman, after 54 times of Saibow therapy, blotchy and wrinkle have almost disappeared what anybody asked.Case 2, Atopy skin, he is 27years old, after 20times of Saibow therapy, he got a younger smooth skin and stop using steroid medicine anymore.But he had experience relapse (exfoliation )from 5times later to 15times. Digestive system(stomach ulcer, large intestine cancer and polyps, inflammation of esophagus)There were cured by Saibow therapy. Internal Organs problem which have inflammation, polyps, cancer will get well almost 90%, but will have relapse process that have dull pain for getting well because capillary nerves and blood vessel getting back young . After coming out the pain, problem will disappear.Term and time will take same level of your age and stage of sick. Sometimes have very heavy problem process but I had experience of very serious case which also got well even very old age which is 91years old. But Im afraid of breast cancer that type will be very first to expand.But another cancer will cure because lymph will back to touch worth point .NK cell will eat cancer cell.It is just my opinion, that I can't touch aggressive them.One pancreas patient ,4 cervical cancer which is stage 4, 2 large intestine cancer, gallbladder which missed checking or not. Liver functions usually can't back average level if patient be getting serious stage but back 2patient were.Especially womb problem have record many (endometriosis, cervical cancer ,uterine fibroid, menstrual pain, irregular period, easy delivery ,infertility)Constipation will cure 100% Stiff neck Backache, Rheumatism ,Hernia(cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae)They will take 30times~ 50times in average.For example, 47years old Chinese lady had a problem of hernia cured perfectly for 20times. Now still keep no pain without any therapy and medicine.Usually thigh deep back muscle(mussel) was pressured because sitting weight.And also my opinion is that bone density getting synthesized ,make strong from worn down cartilage of joint.Saibow therapy have possible to influence bone level reason we approach most deep cell. Allergic disease, Alzheimer,eye sight, cataract, glaucoma, myodesopsia will getting well after neck area's cell adhesion have gone. First stage feel pain or warmness. after that eyes dim but cleared. Finally got well. Also a color returnd to your hair like a young age and hair glows in bald spot.Operation scare had clear smoothly. Impotence, mental disease(depression, schizophrenia) which is happen because the blain circulation problem, after neck cell adhesion peeled. Also first little have heavy headache and relapse this term is difficult what need family and doctor's help and understanding.I did few dangerous situation, limit of life case, muscular dystrophy, both couldn't help but first one to wake and able to eat then could back home for 4 month.Another one start to move just reflex movement but stop to remove heavy phlegm that need machine. Doctor was interested in this but we can't continue maybe busy.


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