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Thinking at the level of the cell

A variety of different medical treatments are available that include supportive measures based on Western medicine; promotion of blood circulation using acupressure points and meridians based on Eastern medicine; and energy therapy using electricity or other elements from folklore remedies—each treatment has its own perspectives and historical data.


We focus on cells.(Saibow in Japanese)


The healthiest and youngest state of humans is children’s cells, where we will now direct our attention. As opposed to adults’ cells, children’s cell walls do not coalesce with each other. Therefore, the cells can breathe without disturbances from the clots caused by the coalescence, which allows the blood, lymph, and nerve impulses to flow into the distal parts of the body. The focus of diseases tends to be from cells oxidized by inefficient waste excretion and nutrient absorption. Our treatment goals are to prevent, maintain, or improve the cells with our techniques in order to break up such coalescences.





1.        At first, you feel pain from the breakup, sometimes with the treated parts becoming red or bruised. After treatment, you will feel heavy or sleepy because many of the toxins are eliminated and from the experience of the cleansing reaction with waste products visible in your urine and sweat. [1 to 5 treatment sessions. Differs with each person.

2.        Pain from the massage moves into the deeper parts of your body and bruises and other elements disappear. You begin to feel warmer or lighter after the massage. This is the result of cell activation, and nerves reaching to the places where you are not well. [6 to 10 treatment sessions]

3.        You will begin to feel continuously warm and refreshed from deep within the body. Pain during massage decreases and then disappears. [Around 8-15 treatment sessions] You will clearly know that you are internally reformed (improvement in poor circulation, nerve pain, mental illness, visceral illness, skin problems, thin hair, fatness,etc.). Our techniques focus on this effect, and we have accumulated technical data. *This has spread mainly by word of mouth.


Finally, let us list our treatment advantages:


1.        No need to worry about a rebound effect because this is a fundamental remedy at the level of the cells

2.        No supplementary products or efforts required (e.g. dieting, supplements, exercise, equipment)

3.        Not just a beauty treatment, but ultimate preventive medicine

4.        Spread mostly because of the results (by word of mouth, without anycommercials)

Our own studies and achievements (enjoyed only by those who have experienced our treatment  [6 to 10 treatment sessions] (by word of mouth, without any commercials)

5.        Our own studies and achievements (enjoyed only by those who have experienced our treatment)