Ryoko Yoshimoto

After graduating from junior college, Ryoko moved to Tokyo and joined a foreign-affiliated company. She then moved to a major beauty-treatment company and worked as an instructor. She studied sports theory at Nihon Health & Sports. She started as a volunteer to collect research data on massage around 1991.

Ryoko became qualified as a facial-treatment specialist at Takara International Esthetic College and as an electrologist at MEI School. She also obtained an electric treatment license from Nihon Soshin Kyokai (Japan Slimming Association) operated by Ito Co., Ltd.

After studying at Asai Clinic in Nagoya City in 2001, she became a beauty-treatment specialist certified by the Nihon Esthetic Kyokai (Japan Esthetic Association). 

Ryoko established Earl-Wood in 2004 and assumed the post of president.
She now runs two Woody branches: the Chikusa Branch in Chigusa Ward, Nagoya City, and the Ginza Branch in Chuo City, Tokyo.
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owner Ryoko Yoshimoto
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